Two Things That Can Make The Compressor In The Air Conditioner Being Damaged

An air conditioner must always be cleaned and maintained so that it is not damaged and can be used for long periods of time. However, if your air conditioner is damaged, then you can visit to get an immediate repair.

One of the causes of the air conditioner being damaged is a compressor that is also damaged. In fact, there are several causes the compressor can become damaged.

1. Excessive use, what is excessive use, in this case, is the size of the air conditioner and the room is not comparable (room too big with small AC size). In handling this we suggest to turn on your air conditioner with min.25 degrees remote setting. In this way, you can feel the room is quite cool and your air conditioner can last long.

2. Another cause is the air conditioner is too dirty, thus inhibiting the process of cooling the room, as a result, is the compressor works heavier than in the clean (indoor and outdoor). In this case, you can keep your air conditioning maintenance at least three months. And for affordable professional services please contact the freon-free wash service shop.