The transportation facilities in London

The transportation system in London so definitely better than most cities in Asia. The public transportation system in London England is very well organized. The presence of synergies between modes of transportation such as bus, tube, train under the command of TfL (Transport for London) and easy access to information provide convenience to every public transport user in London. If you would like to know at a glance about the transport system, please search for a reliable London Transport article. Meanwhile, if you really are interested to get the UK visa, don’t forget to take the English test for citizenship beforehand.

If you are the student enrolled in London or UK, then you can use the private car for the first 12 months here. The info can be clicked on the following link: driving in the UK. I myself during my life in London England never use private vehicles, but I have prepared an international driving license from Asia. However, now I know, the rules of driving here is not easy. So many lines on the road and traffic signage that contains a special meaning, which you should understand before bringing a personal vehicle here. Fuel and parking costs are also not cheap. So, if you bring a private vehicle, yes prepare more funds.