The failure of a building and an architect in the environment

Criteria for the failure of the structure include 3 things. First, the building is not strong, meaning that all the stresses that occur at the cross-section of its structure, exceed the specified. The building is not rigid, for example, excessive deflection, floor plate that vibrates and so on. And the building is unstable if there is buckling in the excessive column and foundation decay. Apart from that, you may also need to check out the trusted fix slab foundation service as well.

“A building that does not meet one of these criteria can be considered a failure, let alone not meet all three,”


Many people who think that architects are people who need to blame for environmental damage because of course what is built by the architect will damage the existing environment around. This is not entirely true. Not a few architects who have contributed thought to the world about how to build a building that is environmentally friendly and does not create damage to the natural surroundings. With the expertise of an architect, they can help preserve the environment and keep doing development, such as building a house or building that is often called green building because of its environmentally friendly building.

In every development will certainly lead to changes that have a negative impact on the environment. Example; waste, dirty water left over from the human life that lives in it. This certainly cannot be avoided, considering that every human being would “create” waste from inside the body and outside the body (waste washing, etc.). To avoid damaging the environment by not doing the development at all is certainly not a wise solution, where people necessarily need shelter, and building a residence may require clearing of land which means damaging the natural environment around. But by utilizing the science of an architect, they can design an ideal and environmentally friendly building.