Not Just Hajj And Umrah, It’s Some Religious Tourism In Arab That You Can Do

If you plan to learn Arabic, then what you should know more is where you can learn it. One of the places that can help you learn the language is to know Arabic so well.

In addition to Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage, there you can also do other religious tours such as

– Jabal Rahmah
In the pilgrimage, Padang Arafah became one of the most important places, because it became a place to people. This place is very historic and memorable. Here, the Prophet Adam and Siti Hawa were first reunited after being expelled from heaven. Not only as a place to pray, you can also enjoy the view of the city from the top of the hill.

– Jannat Al-Baqi
Janna Al-Baqi is a fairly sentimental object. Janna Al-Baqi is part of the relics of family, relatives, and friends of the Prophet Muhammad. In the past, people who died during the haj or umrah were buried here.