How To Make AC Stay Durable

Turning on the air conditioner (AC) is often the first ritual to be done when arriving home after a long walk in the hot sun and hot air. The skin is flushed from heat, plus the feeling of being hot, slowly fading because of the cool breeze of air conditioning. Suddenly, while it was fun to enjoy the cold, the electricity went dead. In fact, sweat has not dried up yet. When checked, the home electricity meter turned down. With alacrity, the lever returned to the original place for electricity back flowing. Do you want to hire air conditioner servicing singapore?

Please note, the habit of turning on the AC directly without pause is one reason the age of AC did not last long. Air-conditioning compressors in charge of cooling the room need to pause “rest” before working again. At least give it about a minute before you turn on the air conditioner. If not, it is certain that the air conditioner will not last. It’s better to be patient for a while rather than having to pay expensive fees to repair or even buy a new air conditioner.