How to keep your home garden to stay beautiful

The park is a cool area for a house and reduces the noise around the house, with the air gardens entering the house will be in the filter and much gore oxygen is needed by the body, and also the existence of the park is in great demand for the community is evident with the development of lifestyle back to nature. Meanwhile, you may want to call the landscapers from to help you maintain your garden.

Humans live close to nature, so to get a healthy room, the home garden should be made as natural as possible such as providing a garden ecosystem such as insects, ponds along with fish, plants with flower color, here are tips on caring for the garden to make the garden look beautiful.

1. Maintain Garden Cleanliness

Hygiene is the main factor that can support the good of the garden, keep the garden clean can be done by cleaning the foliage soil, cleaning the garden every day to be free from the pest, clean the walls affected by water splashes and always spray insecticide periodically in the recommended dosage so that insecticide can disappear immediately.

2. Caring for Plants

Caring for plants should pay attention to special techniques such as do not put the plants in the house at night because at night the plants absorb oxygen, always watering the plants every morning and afternoon in sufficient doses and adjust the type of plants, remove the plant in the morning before the sun blistering, picking dry leaves by using special scissors and pot use should be adapted to the plant’s growth.

3. Combat Wild Grass

The weeds growing around the garden will make the garden look less beautiful, so it needs to be done to eradicate the weeds in a very simple way that grab fine salt to taste then sprinkle to where the weeds grow and do it repeatedly, the weeds will die by itself and will not grow back.

4. Fight Weed

Eradicating weeds or weeds using used newspapers, easy way by placing used newspaper sheets in plants that contain weeds, then pray the used newspaper with water until wet.