How to construct a strong yet affordable home foundation

Shallow foundations are often referred to as longitudinal foundations as well as path foundations. How to make a shallow foundation is not as difficult as making a chicken claw foundation, and the cost of making this foundation is relatively cheap depending on the choice of quality building materials. To compile the shallow foundation of the way by digging the ground as deep as 40-50 cm then arranging the rocks in it with the mixture of cement mixed with sand, the foundation was built up to 40-50 cm above the ground. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to know more about Pasadena TX foundation repair, just in case you need a good foundation repair service.

To save the construction of the foundation of the house should replace the rocks with white rocks, white rock types taken from the rocks found in hills or mountains. Its strength is sufficient for the purpose of the one-story house foundation. White rocks are quite cheap compared to rocks of times. Still less cheap? Some builders suggest building a foundation with brick or brick in order to save costs, but the foundation using brick or brick is not suitable for movable soil that resembles a former rice field or field plot.
foundation brick

The first step is to make the foundation of a simple house that is the depiction of the foundation design, then forwarded by digging the foundation path in accordance with the drawing made. Prepare rocks, cement, and sand, if it is expected to also prepare iron and wire as the formwork of column and sloof (lane on the foundation). Formwork of columns and sloof is expected as a support and basic framework of the house, especially as a wall reinforcement. After the excavation finished the iron frame and wire arranged in advance (accompanied by cast wood boards for its formation), then dumped with cast cement and then accompanied by the arrangement of white rock and cement sand dough to a height of 50 cm.