How to clean your leather sofa

To clean the leather sofa, you can use a leather sofa cleaning product or a special detergent mixture of fine clothes designed for soft materials or wash by hand and water to taste, then use to wet the microfiber cloth as a sofa cloth. Whichever product you use, always test it first in a small section that is hidden and follow your sofa treatment instructions. Meanwhile, you might also want to contact upholstery cleaning Sydney whenever you need a professional cleaning service for your sofa.


Can a sofa cleaner remove the odor?

Almost all sofa cleaning products effectively remove dust, germs, and stains. However, sometimes the smell on the sofa attached so strong that cleaning products are not enough to get rid of it. An easy way to remove odors from furniture is to sprinkle baking soda powder on your sofa and chair before bedtime. In the morning, the suction of baking soda powder using a vacuum cleaner. Kitchen materials this one is also powerful to absorb odor in all parts of the house. As an odor prevention, wind-aired home furnishings by occasionally opening windows when the air is fresh or using a fan.

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